ISfA (Information Security for Africa)


Mission Statement

The advancement and development of information security on the African continent.

Aims and Objectives

  • To promote global information security best practices on the continent through knowledge sharing and information exchange.
  • To become the knowledge resource of information security on the African continent through the creation of a brains trust that harnesses the Collective Intelligence of information security practitioners from around the globe with an interest in helping to secure Africa’s cyberspace.
  • To make information security best practice resources freely available, in Arabic, English,
    French, Kiswahili and Portuguese using OWASP as a benchmark.
  • To have ISfA representation in each African country.


  • To create an information security profile for each African country using a crowdsourced dataset.
  • To establish a scholarship, to be awarded annually, for suitably qualified candidates from the continent, to undertake postgraduate studies in information security.
  • To participate in research projects that serve to enhance information security on the continent.
  • To produce an annual ISfA Index, highlighting trends and developments in information security on the continent.